Katerina Zlateska

Katerina  Zlateska

Sales Agent

Introducing Katerina Zlateska, having previous experience in customer service as a Credit Control Manager for Lawrence & Hanson and Hudson Pacific Corporation for numerous years as well as being a Sales Agent for Jetstar Airways, there’s no denying she has all the assets and the right skill set to be a fantastic real estate agent for the team at Regent Estate Agents.

What makes Katerina stand out from the crowd is her ability to be multilingual, she is fluent in Macedonian, Serbian and Croatian and the undivided attention she gives to all people she meets; she devotes 100% of her time and determination. Katerina is empathetic towards the emotions people may face when going through the process of selling their most sentimental asset, and with her customer service background together with her resilience and friendly approach, her clients should feel at ease trusting her to take on the responsibility of selling their most biggest asset and delivering the best results.

Another of Katerinas’ incomparable strengths is her ability to go the extra mile, communicating and keeping her clients informed about their property. Or advising potential buyers about new listings and taking the time to show them through each of the properties.

Outside of work, Katerina loves spending quality time with her family, sampling seasonal produce at fine dining restaurants across Melbourne. Her family’s love and encouragement is part of the reason why she has developed a solid work ethic as she continues to succeed in all aspects of her working career.

Under Katerinas’ careful management you can be confident in knowing that her single-minded objective, is to sell your home for the highest possible selling price and with the least amount of stress.