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Regent Estate Agents

Regent Estate Agents are proud sponsor of Adventure All Stars who will be showing amazing charity show to support PROJECT KARMA on few TV channels. Lucia Hou from Regent will be staring in this show to support PROJECT KARMA. Project Karma’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and protect all children from sexual slavery and abuse.

Home buyers are getting a boost

The federal government announced a big win for would-be buyers in Australia — it plans to overhaul the restrictions that have hindered many homebuyers from accessing finance. Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said while credit has become cheaper due to the low-interest rates, many would-be borrowers are still prevented from accessing finance due to tight regulations.

Summer is the ideal time to sell

Calling all home sellers and buyers: Get ready for November – it’s going to be huge. For 2020, our big selling season in Victoria will be November and December. The real estate shutdown has created an unprecedented level of pent up demand in a period that is normally the busiest season of the year. Now that

Westfield Doncaster Set to Receive $500m Revamp

Planning Minister Richard Wynne has approved a $500 million redevelopment of Westfield Doncaster. With retail space projected to increase by 43,000 sqm, Westfield Doncaster will become the third-largest shopping centre in the state, and fifth-largest in the country. It will also receive an added 18,000 sqm of commercial office space. The upgrade, which will provide

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